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We are a small family run tour operator with a big heart passionate about sharing our love of Slovakia.

We believe we can help you plan and enjoy a memorable Slovakian get away.
We listen carefully to clients needs and create a successful holiday that will nourish minds and bodies.
Our family run company prides itself on attention to detail when planning all holidays, sharing our local expertise with clients.
Let us do the hard work so you can enjoy the variety of cuisines, raw breathtaking scenery luxuries hotels, impressive and wide ranging architecture and friendly people. Enjoy the destinations we carefully selected for you.

Patrik Fitala

Account Manager


+421 911 598 451

Patrik lives and breathes Slovakia. He is young, smart and very creative. His fresh ideas and imaginativeness go ahead the company. Patrik will ensure your holiday with us will be enriching, comfortable and satisfying. Whilst on his tours, we are sure you will have fun experiencing all the best what Slovakia has to offer.
Jana is the head of the company. She oversees all departments and constantly looks for new and exciting Slovak experiences to share with you. She has got a sense for running business well, trying to make the best comfort for clients. She is very carying and always willing to help in any situation. All your experiences she prepares with love and precision.

Adriana Campbell

Head of Communications


07943 509438

Adriana is very friendly, kind and social person. She is the heart of the company with good opinions. Everyone can rely on her. She implements the visions of the company into real needs of clients.

Bibiana Fitalova

Head of Finance


+421 911 598 451

Bibiana is in charge of all financial matters and agreements. She always makes good deals. Her kindness and hospitality make us happy all the time. She is the best adviser at work and in life too.